The text doctor’s criteria of a healthy text

A healthy, non-fictional text is

Easy to understand




Not longer than necessary

How can the doctor help?

My text treatments can be divided into three categories:


Intensive care

Preventive health care

What types of texts can be treated?

Examples of texts that I work with:

Company presentations, newsletters and press releases

Brochures, ads and other types of sales promotion material

Product descriptions, specifications and manuals

Web pages (on the Internet or intranets)

User interfaces: online help, messages, menus, forms 

Course material

Job ads

Articles in newspapers or magazines





Letters of recommendation



CVs, applications, personal presentations



I accept English- and Swedish-speaking patients.

Of course, I also write new, healthy texts.

What medicines does the doctor prescribe?

Templates and writing conventions 

Courses and seminars 

Examinations, analyses and proofreading

Newly-produced material

Text and language consultation


Who is this text doctor?

My name is Björn Dahlborn, and I look like this: 

My educational background is a university degree as a Swedish language consultant, which means that I am trained to analyse, edit and write various types of non-fictional texts. I have in-depth knowledge of language theory (such as phonology, morphology, syntax, etymology, and socio- and psycholinguistics), but I have also worked a lot with the writing process: composing, re-writing and editing.

Although the focus of the programme is on the Swedish language, I have found that there are great similarities between different languages, especially when it comes to structuring a text.

Between 1986 and 2000, I worked as an information designer (or technical writer), mostly with WM-data (now Logica) and Ericsson. Apart from writing manuals and online texts, I have

Translated such material between English and Swedish, and from French and German to Swedish

Given courses in effective writing 

Taken part in user-interface design 

Been a section manager 

Can the doctor translate?

I translate between Swedish and English, and from French, German, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Russian. I am an authorized translator (English to Swedish), certified by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. This means that I am qualified to translate legal and official documents such as birth certificates, diplomas and wills.

A sample of cured patients

My customers include:

European Commission




Sting Bioeconomy

I write and translate web pages, compose presentations, translate patent applications, regulations and correspondence, and edit reports, to mention a few tasks.

Contact the doctor


Telephone: +46 709 151 763

Address: Strandvägen 35B, 261 39 Landskrona, Sweden